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Last Updated (Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00) Written by Steve Monday, 09 June 2014 10:35


Dear Friends of Tuesday Books,


It is with a heavy heart but also excitement - Beth, Justine and Theresa have decided to announce the closing of Tuesday Books by the end of July. As we reflect, the years have brought us many wonderful memories, friends and experiences.


Back in 2004 our three families (Daileys, Grossmans & the Phelps) bought Cornerstone Books from Jack & Marci Russell. We changed the name to Tuesday Books and moved the location of the store to Grand River Avenue. We were young and very enthusiastic to share our love of books with the community.


From the start we held preschool storytimes, American Girl Club meetings, book clubs, kid book clubs, birthday parties, tea parties, Potterpalozza’s, author signings, book character visits and much, much more. There are highlights over the years that stand out. It was terrific hosting the talented author & illustrator Patricia Polacco at the store three times. Another big name was Holly Black - co author of the Spiderwick series. We also brought into Williamston Elementary School - Blue Balliett, author of the Chasing Vermeer series. One crazy and wild event was our Curious George event back in the early days. We had Curious George (Tim) visit and we had kids help Curious George splatter paint the walls in our back party room for a mural. That was NUTS!


Our biggest undertakings were the two Williamston-wide Harry Potter events we hosted. These were in July of 2005 for the release of Half-Blood Prince and 2007 for Deathly Hallows. We had HUGE turnouts and so much fun. We got three front page articles on the Lansing State Journal. It was incredible to see a community gather together around the love of a book! A once in a lifetime event for sure!


Ten years has given us many opportunities to help our community and we have! We have donated thousands of dollars in merchandise when asked for by numerous charity auctions. We have also donated thousands of dollars in gift cards to children in the Williamston and surrounding areas. We are proud of helping our local community.


Speaking of community - we have watched your families grow and gotten to know so many of you, that we consider our loyal friends. It has been a pleasure. We loved throwing events for your kids and helping you pick out just the right book for your vacation. The countless young faces we watched grow up from reading Puppy Place to Hunger Games has been priceless. What a crazy honor to be standing in a D&W checkout line and being called the “bookstore lady” by a little one - just put smiles on all three of our faces. To have a child come back to the store to discuss a book we recommend for them was awesome. Our job was to infuse and nourish a love of reading. If we did that in just one child or adult - we were a total success!  


If you know our store well, you know of the photograph we had taken in 2004 of our kids with their favorite books that hangs on our back wall behind the counter. We love that picture and what it represents. For ten years our children have grown up in Tuesday Books surrounded by books and the LOVE of reading. For that we are grateful. What a childhood to have!


But with that thought - time has marched on and we have changed. Theresa moved to Iowa in 2011 and then Indiana. Beth and Justine have carried on the store for three more years. We started talking about how what we wanted differed from ten years ago and how the bookstore did not fit in that view anymore. After much talk and heartache, we made our decision.


Along with the sadness comes excitement. Beth and Justine will get to have more time to explore new paths. Beth will be working freelance assignments with Author Rich Baldwin. Justine hopes to find an elementary teaching position in the mid- Michigan area. Our kids will now have their moms home on weekends and present at sports & music events.


Please come support us in our final two months by stopping by to say “hi” and buy up our inventory! We need your help! Think of Christmas, birthday and other gifts you might need.


Of course if there is anyone out there who wants to see the bookstore stay, loves books and wants to buy the business - come speak to us ASAP!  Who knows, maybe you could be the new owner of Tuesday Books?


Thank you Williamston for ten wonderful years,

Justine Dailey, Beth Phelps, and Theresa Grossman